This is the home of the simplest of the simple. Stick figures, bedtime stories, analogies a 6 year old could understand. Here are the section breaks, updated to links to the discussion as we go:

1.) In which Morgoth doesn’t play nice (chapters 1-3)

2.) In which Feanor brings a cool toy to school, with predictable consequences (chapters 4-8)

3.) In which Feanor hits his friends because he can’t hit a bully (chapters 9-11)

4.) In which the Elves don’t listen to their parents (chapters 12-13)

5.) In which nothing happens (chapters 14-16: of no interest to small children or adults with short attention spans)

6.) In which Fingolfin learns nothing about how to confront bullies (chapters 17-18)

7.) In which Beren and Luthien sit in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G (chapter 19)

8.) In which the Elves learn that escalation never solves anything (chapter 20)

9.) In which Turin kills a dragon, marries a princess, and lives happily ever after (chapter 21: censored for small children, who don’t want/need to know that the princess turns out to be his sister, and that they both commit suicide)

10.) In which the Elves learn their lesson, ask their parents for hep, and for the most part get things sorted out (chapters 22-24)


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