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So generally this is for…people who, for whatever poor benighted reason, can’t seem to make it through the Silmarillion, no matter how hard they try. They really WANT to, you understand…there’s just Something That Makes It Unreadable. As a passionate and devoted fan of this most holy of books, I’m certain I have no idea what that Something is for these people. But like Cyril and Methodus creating a whole new alphabet just so that they could preach Christianity to the Slavs, I am filled with a crusading zeal to win converts to the one true faith of Silmarism (or Silmaranity? Silmaslam?) and shall endeavour to do so through this blog.

As a general format I will be breaking the Silmarillion into 10 manageable sections, approximately 20 pages apiece. I might at some point later do some pieces on the other works bundled with the published Silmarillion (the Valaquenta/Ainulindale/Akallabeth) but that’s an up in the air project right now.

Each section will be dealt with three times:

* The Kindergarten approach: Pictures, easy to follow diagrams and charts, and a highly telescoped/simplified synopsis

* The Middle School approach: An expanded synopsis, with some delving into more detailed issues of the section and comparisons to pop culture

* The Grad School approach: Anything that wasn’t covered previously, as well as some deeper introspection on themes / symbolism / comparison to other parts of Tolkien’s mythology. Links to other discussions of interest.

When I figure out how wordpress works…I’ll put those 3 approaches into an index page / menu at the top :-).

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